Hi! I'm Sandro Ghezzani (Aka SAD) I'm an archtect, 3d visualizer, VR and architecture oriented game developer, acoustic engineer and musician.

Yes, I deal with many things, but this is not just my job, it is my passion and I dedicate every day to learn, experiment, and have fun with this.

This website will become a personal portfolio, in case I will have time to develop it!

For the moment you can search my name on the net and find material (very little actually, I'm trying to delete the most I can and to reorganize here). I have a lot of material to organize and select. It's about CGI-images, videos, VR stuff, game development, synth music, and so on ..

Okay, maybe I'll never be able to show everything. Let's say I hope I'll be here in the future, sharing my universe.

Meanwhile, take care and open your eyes, wake up, the world needs our awareness to rise again. Trust no one, seek for the truth.
Keep in contact with nature and love the people you care about.


A.D. 2022